Department has a new employee or affiliate that needs to get set up with a Network ID and access to WSU resources


  1. Overall setup should take no more than a day.  If all data is present, the create person is instantaneous, the create NID is a 30 to 45 min process, and the Okta Invite process is usually 3 hours to over night.  Setting someone up should not take weeks, and if hiring staff are having difficulty, please have them send in a ticket to the Workday Service Desk or escalate to ESSD

  2. For an employee – those being assigned a WEM  service indicator – the person record must have 1) Name, 2)DOB, 3)SSN, 4)Address, 5)gender, 6)personal email, & WEM Service Indicator.

  3. For an affiliate – those being assigned the WAA service indicator the person record must have a 1) Name, 2)DOB, 3)Address, 4)gender, 5)personal email, & 6)WAA Service Indicator & 7)Affiliate Affiliation code.

  4. For a student – Name, DOB, Gender, Address, Personal email and a WSU application.  Freshman Okta invites don’t go out until 3pm daily, so admissions letters can be sent in parallel.

I’m working with the programmers to change the logic so only the WAA Service Indicator is needed for affiliates  Until then, hiring official will also need to add an affiliate code to kick off the NID/OKTA Process.