Want participants in a Zoom call to be able to choose their own breakout room to join instead of the host assigning them to one.


View this Video that explains the process.

  1. During your Zoom meeting, use the breakout rooms button at the bottom of your meeting window to start the breakout room tool.
    A screenshot of the breakout room button

  2. Then select the number of breakout rooms you’d like to create and choose the “Let participants choose room” option to enable the self-select breakout room option for your participants.
    a screenshot of the create breakout rooms menu showing the let participants choose room option selected

  3. Click the Create button.
  4. (Optional) Rename the breakout rooms to make it easier for your participants to select the breakout room they want to participate in.
  5. Click the Open All Rooms button in the lower right to open the breakout rooms.

The participants will see:

  1. A Breakout Rooms button will appearat the bottom of their screen.
    a screenshot showing the participants breakout rooms button

  2. When they click it they can choose their room and click the Join button.
    a screenshot showing the join button next to a breakout room

  3. While participants are in a breakout room, they can click the Breakout Room button again to move to another breakout room.