I would like to know how long Zoom Cloud Recordings, or Zoom Chat logs, are retained.


Cloud Recordings

Cloud Recordings are currently retained for six months, or 180 days

If you need to retain the recording after the six-month period, then you will need to perform the following action:

If you would like to be notified when your Cloud Recordings will be permanently deleted from the Trash bin you can enable that setting via in the Email Notifications section.


There are two different types of Zoom chat - in-meeting Zoom chat and out-of-meeting Zoom chat. In general, out-of-meeting Zoom chat is retained in the Zoom cloud for 3 years. Please read below for specifics as to which forms of chat are saved, and where they would be stored (locally on an individual's computer, in the Zoom cloud).

In-Meeting Zoom Chat

By default, in-meeting Zoom chat is not retained centrally. However, there are scenarios where an in-meeting chat can be stored locally on a computer, or retained in the Zoom cloud depending on user settings and in-meeting actions.

  • If you have used the Cloud Recording feature, and have the following settings enabled under your Recording Settings, your in-meeting chat will be stored and retained in the Zoom cloud for six months(same retention as Cloud Recording, as it is tied to the Meeting recording).

  • In-Meeting chat can be saved locally during the meeting, on either a participant's or host's computer, if the following setting is not enabled (setting is disabled by default).

  • If you have enabled the following feature, in-meeting chat will be automatically stored locally on the host's computer (setting is disabled by default):

Out-of-Meeting Zoom Chat

All out-of-meeting Zoom chat is retained in the Zoom cloud for 3 years.