I cannot schedule a Zoom meeting through Outlook on Office 365.


First, go to and log in with your WSU username and Password.

Next, click on Outlook from the list of applications.

In Outlook in the lower left in the window, select the Calendar Icon.

The calendar will open.

In the upper left of the window, Click the +New Event Window

A new window will open with a new meeting invitation.

Add a meeting title and change the date/time to the appropriate settings.

323px323pxThen click the three dots ("...") in the upper right (to the right of the “Response Options” menu).

When you click that, more options will appear. Choose the Zoom meeting icon (blue square with a white camera) and then choose Add Zoom Meeting.

This will add the Zoom meeting invitation information to your request.

If you haven't logged into the Zoom Add-In yet, choose Sign in with SSO.

Type wsu for the Domain and hit Continue.

Sign in with your WSU credentials.

Then send your request to your participants. They will be able to then click the Join Zoom Meeting link to join the meeting at the appropriate time.