With the release of the Zoom 1.3 LTI in Canvas, Instructors have new features available - listed in the article below.

Available Zoom 1.3 Features

Breakouts & the Roster

Auto importing Canvas course groups in breakout rooms and assigning by course Groups is now possible in Zoom. Review the articles for limitations of its use and for steps to use. 

LTI Easy Scheduler

As an alternative to Canvas’s appointment scheduler, instructors can Use LTI Easy Scheduler for office hours. Once scheduled, instructors and students can join the meeting directly through the Zoom tool in Canvas. Review the article for limitations of its use and how to use the feature.  

Instructors can create, edit and publish their availability for office hours. Students can view active bookable schedules in their course and schedule 1:1 appointments with their instructors. Note: Schedules are set at the course level. Any appointments will be applied to that course only. 


Polls in a Zoom meeting can be integrated with the Canvas gradebook as assignments 60 minutes after the meeting has concluded.

View configuring polling and assignments with Canvas for instructions. 


Instructors can now collaborate using Whiteboards within Canvas. Users gain the ability to view, edit, and share whiteboards directly from Canvas.  

Zoom Whiteboard Release Notes with descriptions of available user features are available in the Release notes for Zoom Whiteboard Zoom Support article. View instructions from Zoom on integrating Zoom whiteboard with LTI Pro App. 

Allow LMS Course Sections in Zoom Meetings

Allow existing LMS course sections to be included when scheduling a Zoom meeting. Please review Using the Sections Integrations for more information. 


Enable Meeting Link to Auto Login Users

Users authenticated through their LMS will be automatically logged into their Zoom client for the duration of the meeting when joining via an LTI-generated link. This security feature can be toggled when scheduling a meeting.

Attendance Report  

Instructors can now access attendance reports and automatically populate the course grade book. 
Note: This feature is available only on LTI 1.3 for Canvas and D2L. More information can be found in the article Syncing Attendance Report with Canvas Gradebook. 


Build a Zoom Chat with Your Roster

Build a chat channel from your course roster (this chat is created within the Zoom app, not Microsoft Teams). Pull your class list, build the channel, then set permissions. Channel membership is kept in sync with your roster and should be used for class wide communications. More information found in the article Using Zoom Chat with LTI Pro. 


Example Zoom Chat created from the Zoom LTI in Canvas: 

 Depiction of Roster Populated in Zoom Chat.