This article will review how to schedule a Zoom session within your Canvas course space. Note: If you have a scheduled Video Conference course, AOI will address these for you. Please do not schedule the class sessions.

If you are engaging in any remote teaching, be sure to have approval from your department and it is scheduled properly in myWSU per Provost requirements.

Note: Before using Zoom in Canvas for the first time, complete an initial login by navigating to WSU Zoom and selecting “Sign in”. Once complete, return to this page and follow the instructions below.

Log into your Canvas class space and click on the Zoom button on the left-hand side menu bar to open the Zoom App.

You can also find the Zoom App under “Tools”.

    Zoom link in left menu of Canvas

Once in the Zoom App, click on the Schedule a New Meeting button on the right-hand side of the page.
Schedule a New Meeting button

Name the course in the “Topics”. 

Course Topic name starting with AVC

When scheduling the time, to have the time start at a specific time (3:10), double click and manually put in the required time and press ENTER. Put in the DURATION rounding up to the nearest 15 minute interval.

Schedule when and duration

Next, select a Passcode. The App will automatically assign a Passcode but we suggest you change it to numbers only.

Make sure the Video Host and Participant buttons are both “on”.

The Audio button should default to “Both”.

Passcode video and audio settings

If you are wishing to record your final, select the “Recording the meeting automatically” and be sure the “In the cloud” is selected. This will make sure the recording is accessible within Canvas.

Click “Save”.

Advanced Options

You'll see the three buttons and the option to add a Poll through CSV. 

At the top of the page, select Course Meetings.

You will then be sent to the Course Management page that you can review all the info before going back to the Zoom master page where your course will then show up ready for activation.

Zoom master page