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AOI does not support iClicker in General University Classrooms (GUC)


A classroom Student Response System (SRS) is a technology that enables instructors to ask questions, gather student responses, display those responses in real-time, even grade them if necessary. A SRS allows instructors to verify student comprehension of course materials at any time during a class or lecture. Students use their own mobile device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone) or i>clicker remote to submit their response.

Please Note - The iClicker 5.2.0 release requires Windows 10 (Windows 8 will not be supported). Because this is an optional version update, Windows 8 users can choose to ignore the Cloud 5.2.0 release and continue to use their current version of Cloud. However, we anticipate that a required Cloud release is likely coming for Fall 2022, so we encourage all users to upgrade to Windows 10.


A Classroom Response System helps:

Getting Started: Instructors

Getting Started: Instructors - iClicker Classic

Getting Started: Students

iClicker Cloud accounts the iClicker Student app. Students, can visit the Bookie for current pricing of an iClicker remote and the iClicker Student App.

NOTE: Students using hand-held remote devices will not be able to participate in target questions.


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