The 701 credit is a graduate professionally oriented Master's Independent Capstone Project and/or Examination credit. Faculty should set course requirements for each semester that a student is enrolled in 701 credits and provide an S/U grade at the end of the semester based on the student's performance in meeting those requirements. Generally, students enroll in a minimum of two credits of 701 in the semester in which they take their final examination or present their capstone project. In the event of a failure of the final examination, a U grade should be assigned for that semester's 701 credits. Two U grades for 701 credits will result in dismissal from the program. In extenuating circumstances, faculty may use the X grade to indicate continuing progress toward completion of those requirements. The X grade should be changed when the faculty member determines whether the student has successfully or unsuccessfully met the requirements for that semester; the X grades should be changed by the faculty no later than the last semester of study.

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