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  • Cloud and Local recordings will become unavailable
  • User data will not be available on the Zoom dashboard, so technical support for HIPAA compliant meetings will be limited
  • Some WSU room systems will be unable to join a HIPAA compliant meeting. Any requests for rooms to join these meeting types need to be vetted through the WSU Zoom Team
  • Chat will be encrypted – no screen captures or images will be allowed in the meeting
  • HIPAA compliant meetings will be required to have a password protecting the meeting entry
  • Users in the HIPAA tenant won't be able to add Alternative Hosts from the regular WSU Zoom account when scheduling meetings
  • Users will not be able to assign scheduling delegates if they are not also in the HIPAA account
  • All Participant info is hidden for a HIPAA hosted meeting so reports will not have useful information


Any user submitted for this change effectively gets moved into a special bucket (the HIPAA compliant tenant).