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  1. The password can expire:
    1. When this happens you will be unable to access any EECS service except for SSH. This includes EECS's GitLab service.
    2. This happens about every six months.
    3. To correct this, you must reset your EECS password.
  2. The account can expire:
    1. This will cease all activity on your account, including SSH access.
    2. This occurs about every two years for students and about every four years for faculty and staff.
    3. Note: this does not mean your account is deleted, but if your account isn't reactivated after a period of time, it may be deleted.
    4. To correct this issue, you must contact the VCEA IT Helpdesk.
titleCOVID-19 Notice

Please be aware that COVID-19 has impacted many of the University's policies and procedures, and documentation may not all be up-to-date. Please use your best judgement while reading this KB article. As always, if you get stuck at any point during this KB article, please contact the VCEA IT Helpdesk for assistance.