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Workday Assets Guide: Transfer Asset


This Reference provides information on how to transfer an asset between departments in the Workday system.


  • Business Asset Tracking Specialist
  • Business Asset Accountant


  • Business Asset Tracking Specialist
  • Business Asset Accounting Manager
  • Cost Center Manager

Steps to Transfer an Asset


  1. Log in to the Workday system.
  2. On the Workday Home page, enter Transfer Assets in the Workday Search field, and select the Transfer Assets - Task.

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  1. On the Transfer Assets page, enter the details in the Filter Criteria and Transfer To Values sections. All the fields marked with red asterisks are mandatory and must be populated.
  2. Select the OK button.

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  1. Select the checkbox to the left of the Asset ID column to select the asset to be transferred.
  2. Add comments to explain the reason to transfer the assets.
  3. Select the OK button.

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  1. Review and validate the details of the asset to be transferred.
  2. Select the Submit button.

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Approve an Asset Transfer Request

Execute the following steps to approve an asset transfer request:

  1. The assigned approver receives a Workday Inbox notification after an asset transfer request is submitted by the initiator for approval.
  2. The Business Asset Accounting Manager will approve the transfer of capital assets.
  3. The Business Asset Tracking Specialist will approve the transfer of trackable assets.
  4. The Cost Center Manager will give a final approval for the transfer of trackable or capital asset.
  5. Access the Workday Inbox Image Removed (file folder) icon and review the asset transfer details.
  6. Select any of the following buttons, as per the scenario:
    1. Approve
    2. Send Back
    3. Deny
    4. Cancel


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