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Please note: The steps in this guide cannot be performed until December 16, 2020 when Workday becomes available for all of WSU.

Workday Payroll Guide: Complete Payment Elections


This Reference Guide provides information on how to complete payment elections in the Workday system.


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Steps to Complete Payment Elections

Execute the following steps to complete payment elections in the Workday system:

  1. Log in to the Workday system.
  2. On the Workday Home page, select the Pay application.

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  1. Select Payment Elections option in the View/Update Elections section. Alternatively, you can access the task by entering Payment Elections into the Search field and selecting Payment Elections – Report.

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  1. Make the necessary edits to the payment election for this pay type. You can select either Direct Deposit or Check in the Payment Type field.

Note: For direct deposit to multiple accounts you must designate how the payment will be split in the Balance/Amount/ Percent section. In the first line, you can select either a Percentage or Amount that will be deposited to that account. In the second line, you will need to select the Balance so that Workday knows to deposit the remaining amount into the second account.
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  1. Select the OK button to save your changes.


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