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Workday: Request a Leave of Absence (Employee)


This Reference Guide provides information on how to request a leave of absence in the Workday system.


  • Employee as Self


  • Manager (for non-medical leave of absence)
  • Absence Partner (for medical leave of absence and reasonable accommodation)
  • Appointing Authority (for reasonable accommodation)

Steps to Request a Leave of Absence

Execute the following steps to request a leave of absence in the Workday system:

  1. Log in to the Workday system.
  2. Select the Absence application on the Home page or enter Request Absence into the Workday Search field.

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3. Select the Request Absence option under the Request section.

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4.. On the Absence Calendar page, select the Select Date Range button to enter the dates of your absence. Alternatively, select and drag across the desired dates on the calendar to select the dates of your absence, then select the Request Absence button on the bottom left of the page.

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5. On the Select Date Range pop-up window, enter the From date and To date to indicate the first and last day of your absence.

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6. In the Type field, select Leave of Absence, and then specify the type of leave of absence to be requested.

Note: If the Medical or Parental Leave of Absence is selected, the leave will need to be submitted to the Absence Partner for review. However, if a non-medical leave of absence is selected, the request is reviewed by the assigned manager.

7. Select Next.

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8. On Request Absence page, select the Reason from the drop-down menu. You may also enter a comment for reference.

9. Select Submit. Your Absence Calendar is updated with the requested absence that is pending review.

Note: You may receive a reminder in your Workday Notifications to provide additional documentation based on your leave of absence. Select the Notifications Image Removed (bell) icon at the top right of your page to access the reminder and to attach the required files.
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10. Your Absence Calendar is populated with the requested absence, outlined in gray. Only approved absences will display a green checkmark.

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12. Select the appropriate Absence Request item from the Actions list and complete the questionnaire.

13. Select Submit. If you wish to save your progress and return to the questionnaire later, select Save for Later.

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