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Workday Revenue Guide: Record Cash Sale


This Reference Guide provides information on how to record a cash sale in the Workday system.


  • Account Receivables Specialist
  • Customer Billing Specialist


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Steps to Record a Cash Sale

Execute the following steps to record a cash sale in the system.

1. Log in to the Workday system.

2. On the Workday Home page, enter Record Cash Sale in the Workday Search field, and select the Record Cash Sale - Task.

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3. On the Record Cash Sale page, select the Customer, Currency, Cash Sale Date, and Payment Type.

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4. Select the Invoice Lines tab, and enter the required details

a. Revenue Category, Tax Applicability, Tax Code, and Extended Amount are required.

Note: If receipting monies for an expense abatement or recovery use revenue categories RC0161 through RC0167. Spend Category will be required for expense recoveries.

b. Project, Program, Gift, Grant, and additional worktags are entered as appropriate.

c. Cost Center, Fund, Function, and Region are required.

d. Line Item Description, Quantity, Unit of Measure, Line Dates, and Memo field are optional.

5. Select the Submit button.

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6. Select the Details and Process drop-down button to review the details of the cash sale entry.

7. Select the Done button.


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