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Workday: Security Access Request – Security Partner


This Reference Guide provides information on requesting changes users' role-based security assignments in Workday.
Note: User-based security roles cannot be requested via this process. Security Access Requests can only be submitted to make changes to Finance OR HCM role-based security for one worker at a time.


  • Security Partner

Approvers (dependent on access type)

  • Finance Role Assigner
  • HCM Role Assigner
  • PII Approver

Steps for Security Access Request

Execute the following steps to request a change to a user's role-based security assignments:

  1. Log in to the Workday system.
  2. Prior to creating the access request, search for the Organization associated with the worker whose security is to be updated in the Search field and select it in the results. Image Removed
  3. Select the Members tab and note the Position number for the worker to update – this information will be required when creating the request.

Image Removed

       4. Enter Create Request in the Workday Search field and select Create Request - Task.

Image Removed

       5. On the Create Request page, select a request type of Security Access Request. Image Removed


       7. In the first text box titled Describe the Request, enter the purpose of the request (be as specific as possible).

       8. Populate the remaining fields with the Worker information required for the security assignment changes as described in the instructions.


Note: Roles requiring access to PII are referenced next to the appropriate radio button.
Image Removed

       10. Enter in the role name(s) or a description of the access to be updated.

Image Removed

       11. Enter the organization(s) the roles are associated with.

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        12. Select the date the security updates should be effective.

Image Removed

        13. Select today's date in the final date selection box to attest the security changes are approved by the Security Partner.

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        14. Select Submit to automatically route the request to the necessary approvers.

       15. To view the approval process and next approval, select the Process tab. Image Removed


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