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Workday: Security Access Request – Role Assigner


This Reference Guide provides information on approving and assigning security groups to users in Workday.
Note: User-based security cannot be requested/assigned via this process.


  • Security Partner

Approver (dependent on access type)

  • PII Approver
  • Finance Role Assigner
  • HCM Role Assigner

Steps for Role Assigner

Execute the following steps to assign security based on Security Access Requests:

  1. Log in to the Workday system.
  2. Click on Inbox Icon.

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       3. On the Inbox page, select Request Process: Security Access Request:

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       4. Review the request in right-hand pane taking note of Employee, Position ID and roles to update.

Note: If the request is denied, select the Resolution and Resolution Details as necessary to close the request.

       5. Enter Employee's Name or WSUID# in Search bar and search. Image Removed

        6. Select the Employee's Related Actions button, and select Security Profile > Assign Roles – Add/Remove. Image Removed

          7. Verify Effective Date reflects the date provided in the request. Click OK Image Removed

          8. For a new assignment, Select the + button to add a new row and select the Organization Value & Role Name.

Note: The 'Role Enabled For' column must contain the organization (Supervisory Organization, Company, Academic Unit, Cost Center, Gift, Grant, Project, Program, etc.) to which the role is associated – this is available in the request


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To remove an assignment, Select the checkbox next to the applicable row.

        9. Select the Submit button.

        10. Once submitted, review Details and Process if necessary and select the Done button.

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        11. Navigate back to your Inbox and select Request Process: Security Access Request: . Select a Resolution and Resolution Details and select the Submit button confirming that the assignment updates are completed.

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