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  •  User needs to add a Resource or Location Account (Calendar) to Outlook 2016 for Mac.


  • In Outlook 2016 (Mac), go to your Calendar (Click click on the small Calendar Icon on the bottom left).
  • Click on Shared Calendars, then click the Open Shared Calendar button at the top.

  • In the Open Calendar box, start typing the name of the Account.   Click on the Account to highlight it once you see it, and then click the Open button.


  • If it prompts you to login, login with your whole WSU Email Address and Passwordemail address and password.

  • Click Allow to allow the AutoDiscover Server to configure settings on your account.

    • The Calendar Entries for the Shared Calendar will show up with your own Calendar Entries.  If you don't wish to see the Calendar Entries for the Shared Calendar, you can Uncheck the box next to the Shared Calendar on the LEFT.