What is MFA?

Multi-factor authentication adds a layer of security when you sign in with your WSU network ID. With MFA, first you enter your password, then use a MFA device to confirm it’s really you.


 How is multi-factor authentication being used at the WSU?

At WSU, multi-factor authentication is used to secure identities that have access to sensitive personal and institutional data to reduce the risk that this data will get compromised.

We use a service called Okta to perform multi-factor authentication. This service can use a smartphone app, a phone call, or a USB security key as a second factor to authenticate you. Most people use Okta via the smartphone app, Okta Verify, which runs on a variety of smartphones and tablets and is simple to use.

Why do I need multi-factor authentication?

It has become increasingly easy to compromise passwords. They can often be stolen, guessed, or hacked, and you may not even realize your password has been compromised. With multi-factor authentication protected services, a compromised password won’t mean a compromised account.


When do I sign in with MFA?

You’ll be asked to sign in with MFA only when a WSU system requires it.