Changes accessing wifi at WSU -Pullman 

  • Visitors can log into the WSU Guest network with a guest account based on a valid email. Are there time restrictions on the use?
  • Groups/events can get a semester-long wifi "account?
  • Are there other wifi processes you'd like me to bring to the attention of SFCC Pullman faculty and staff?


Any Guest at WSU can connect to the WSU Guest Wireless network. You will need to open a web browser to register for a guest wireless account using a personal email address.  The user can connect up to 10 devices using the same email address, and registration lasts 3 days.  After 3 days they can just re-register with the email address again.
Here is our help article on how Guests can get connected to WSU Guest Wireless:
Groups/Events can request a Wireless Service Account to connect to WSU Wireless by sending us an email here at .  However, this is really meant for events that last a short period of time (for example a week) and not used for users long-term.
Users who want to connect to WSU Wireless longer can use their email to create a Friend ID in our system, activate the FID using an activation email they will receive, and then have a WSU Employee Sponsor them for Wireless Access.  After they are sponsored and have activated their Friend ID, they can join the WSU Wireless network and login with their Friend ID (email address) and Password.  Accounts can be sponsored for 6 months at a time and the sponsorship can be renewed by any WSU Employee.

Where an end user can create a Friend ID using their Email Address:

 Where a WSU Employee can sponsor the Wireless Authorization for a Friend ID:

Where a WSU Employee can Sponsor someone's Friend ID from the ground up granting them Wireless Authorization upon creation, using the end user's Email Address: