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Always refer to the Payroll Document Schedule located on the Payroll Website ( for pertinent dates.

Table of Contents


  1. Log in to using your NID
  2. Under the 'Timecard' tab, click 'Admin Timecards'
  3. Any timecards listed under INCOMPLETE TIMECARDS are ready to be processed.
  4. Any timecards listed under UNSIGNED TIMECARDS – Supervisor needs to be contacted to approve the timecard.
  5. Click on View Timecards
  6. Click on the middle button “Hide cards Employees have signed”
  7. Send an e-mail to each employee (copying the supervisor) to inform them that timecards are due and that they need to submit their timecard.
  8. Once all timecards are listed under INCOMPLETE TIMECARDS, hours are ready to be entered into Positive Pay.

Positive Pay

  1. Log into Cougar Manager
  2. Log into DEPPS in AIS, select #2 DEPTPAY
  3.  Select #1 PPAYENT
  4.  Place an x in the ALL Accounts box and press F1
  5.  Begin entering hours for each employee into Positive Pay.  If employee does not have a timecard for current period, type an “N” into the NT column.
  6. Once you have entered hours in Positive Pay, click the complete box in Cougar Manager next to the employee.
  7.  Once all hours have been entered, click the “Printable View” button in Cougar Manager and print the report.
  8. Hit F12, place an “X” on the Incomplete line , and hit F12 again.
  9. Go back to the DEPTPAY menu in DEPPS and choose option #3 – PPAYDNLD.
  10.  Place an x for ALL Accounts and hit F1
  11. Choose the “Document” and “Entire Connection” options and hit enter 2 times.
  12. Highlight the URL and copy and paste into a browser
  13.  Open the listed file, change to landscape orientation, and print
  14. Give the Cougar Manager print out and the Positive Pay print out to 2 other AFS employees to verify the information.
  15. Make any corrections if needed.
  16. Go back to DEPPS, Option #1 – PPAYENT.  Repeat steps C&D from above.
  17. Hit F12, place an “x” in the Complete box, and hit F12 again.
  18. Put both print outs aside until PEAR review begins.

PEAR Review

  1. Log into DEPPS in AIS
  2. Choose #2 DEPTPAY
  3. Choose #6 PEARDNLD
  4. Type an x for  All Accounts and press F1 
  5. Mark Document, PEAR data plus comments, and entire connection. 
  6.  Press Enter 3 times.
  7. Copy the URL listed, paste into Browser, and log in.
  8.  Open the listed file, change to landscape orientation, and print.
  9.  Compare each line to previous pay period PEAR, using Cougar Manager printout, pay affecting documents, PAFs, and other personnel documents to verify correctness.  Make notes in margin of any discrepancies/changes and the reason for them.
  10. When all lines have been checked, attach all pertinent documents.  Give both the current and previous PEARs to Budget/Finance Manager for certification.

TLR Review

(More to come...)

Pay Affecting Documents

(More to come...)

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