Accessing the Remote Phone (Soft Phone) via Web

Using a web browser, navigate to:

  • Select the + button in the top-left corner

  • Select the Side Bar Widgets

  • Select the Popup Phone widget

  • Add the widget with the + button

  • A new phone button will appear on the left side

  • When clicked, there is the Open Phone button

  • Selecting it will enable the Soft-Phone

  • You will need to Allow the Soft Phone to use your microphone

  • Selecting the button-grid on the left side will allow you to enter a phone number
    • 5 digit dialing works

  • Selecting the speaker button will allow you to adjust the phone volume

  • You can make and receive calls from here
    • Incoming calls will ring your default Computer speakers/Headphones
    • Calls will use your default computer Microphone and Speakers/Headphones

  • If there are any issues, please contact the IT department: