I'm having trouble signing into the Zoom Desktop Application, or don't know how to sign in.


Note: Make sure you have installed the Zoom Desktop Application (refer to ‘Getting Started on Windows and Mac' self-help guide).

Open the Zoom Application and you will be presented with a window that looks like this:

Click the 'Sign in with SSO' option on the right-hand side.

Now you should see this window:

Enter 'wsu' in the field, so that it reads ''. Then click the 'Continue' button.

Your default web browser should have now opened up and brought you to the WSU login page. Now enter your WSU username and password, and then click 'Sign in'.

Once you successfully log in, the Zoom application should open and be signed in.
If the Zoom application does not open right away, click the 'Launch Zoom' button shown below: