The Zoom O365 add-in is not the same as the Zoom Outlook plugin, which is referenced in Zoom - How do I sign into the Zoom Outlook Plug-In?

Both of these applications allow scheduling Zoom meetings using Outlook, but the add-in does not have to be installed. The Zoom O365 add-in is automatically available even when you do not have the Zoom Desktop Application (Windows or Mac) installed on your computer.


  • Signing into the Zoom add-in for Outlook so that you can schedule a Zoom meeting, or 'Add a Zoom Meeting' to an existing meeting.
  • When I click the 'Add Zoom Meeting' button, I am prompted to sign into Zoom.


In Outlook, select 'New Items' and then select 'Meeting'

On the ribbon tab at the top of Outlook, select the 'Add Zoom Meeting' button

A new window will open, and you will be prompted to sign into Zoom. Click the 'Or sign in with SSO' at the bottom of the window

Now enter 'wsu' in the domain filed as shown below, and then click 'Continue'

You will be brought to the WSU sign-in page, scroll down and enter your WSU username and password. Click 'Sign in'

Upon successful authentication, you will see the following window

Close this window, and click the 'Add Zoom meeting' button again. 

You should now see Zoom meeting details added to your meeting invitation.