How to join a Zoom Meeting by calling in from a phone.


To Join a Zoom Meeting via a Voice Call you call the "Join by Telephone" number at the bottom of the Meeting Invitation and put in the Meeting ID Number and the # key when it asks. 
You will be prompted to enter your unique participant ID. This only applies if you have joined on the computer or mobile device or are a panelist in a webinar. Press # to skip.

At that point, it should join you to the conference with everyone else and you will be able to hear the conference audio. 

You will be UNMUTED by default. 
To Mute/UnMute your audio (where you are speaking, not the sound from the conference) you can dial *6

*Please note - We currently do not have local dial-in numbers for Zoom. Calling in will utilize long distance minutes, and potentially incur a cost.

The Meeting Invitation looks like this:

The only 2 commands you can do from your phone:

  • *6 - Toggle mute/unmute - for yourself only (you can't mute others)
  • *9 - Raise hand

There is a full article on the Zoom Support website here:

The article there includes phone call in and also the App for iPhone and Android.