Use this guide when trying to find the passcode for your Scheduled Zoom meeting, or your Zoom Personal Meeting Room.

Step-by-step guide

Please refer to the appropriate section regarding the application, or service, you are using to schedule your Zoom meetings.

Using the Web (Students, Staff, and Faculty)

Personal Meeting Room/ID

  1. Sign in to with your WSU credentials

  2. Navigate to your 'Meetings' tab

  3. Select the Personal Meeting Room tab

  4. Your Personal Meeting Room passcode will be listed in the 'Meeting Passcode' field. If you do not see a meeting passcode listed, please edit the meeting and create one.

Scheduled Meeting

  1. Sign in to with your WSU credentials

  2. Navigate to your 'Meetings' tab

  3. Click on the topic of the meeting you need the passcode for

  4. The passcode can be found in the middle of the meeting details page

Note: If you need to quickly distribute the meeting invitation (with the passcode embedded in the join URL) you can copy the join URL or use the 'Copy the invitation' button found on the right-hand side of the page. Then, paste the invitation into an email, chat, or any other communication tool.

Using Blackboard (Faculty)

  1. Login to Blackboard ( with your WSU credentials

  2. Open the course, which the Zoom meeting was scheduled for

  3. Open the 'Zoom Meeting' or 'Zoom Tool' from within that course

  4. Click on the 'Topic' of the meeting

  5. The passcode will be listed in the 'Meeting Options' section

Using the Desktop Client (Students, Staff, and Faculty)

  1. Open your Zoom Desktop Client (Windows or Mac)

  2. Select the 'Meetings' tab from the top of the application

  3. Click the 'Show meeting invitation' link

  4. The passcode will be listed in the meeting details below the join link

  5. You can also find the passcode by clicking the 'Edit' option

Using Outlook (Students, Faculty, and Staff)

  1. Open your meeting invitation/details in Outlook

  2. The passcode will be listed under the Meeting ID at the top of the invitation

  3. If there is not a passcode, then no passcode has been added to that Zoom meeting OR the meeting invitation has not been updated yet. Schedulers need to send an updated invitation to participants if they are adding a passcode.