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General Information:

Upon request, the WSU Zoom Services Team will be migrating users over to a HIPAA compliant tenant of Zoom.

Departments wishing to have users within their area HIPAA compliant must submit a request to with a list of users needing to be moved into the tenant.

The following changes will occur to the user when they are hosting a meeting:

  • Cloud and Local recordings will become unavailable
  • User data will not be available on the Zoom dashboard, so technical support for HIPAA compliant meetings will be limited
  • Some WSU room systems will be unable to join a HIPAA compliant meeting. Any requests for rooms to join these meeting types need to be vetted through the WSU Zoom Team
  • Chat will be encrypted – no screen captures or images will be allowed in the meeting
  • HIPAA compliant meetings will be required to have a password protecting the meeting entry
  • Users in the HIPAA tenant won't be able to add Alternative Hosts from the regular WSU Zoom account when scheduling meetings
  • Users will not be able to assign scheduling delegates if they are not also in the HIPAA account


Any user submitted for this change effectively gets moved into a special bucket (the HIPAA compliant tenant).

Users in that bucket – when hosting have all these settings enforced automatically.

As a participant of a meeting, they are able to join meetings as usual.

A participant outside this bucket does not need to be in the HIPAA compliant tenant in order to participate in a compliant meeting; those settings are dictated by the host.

If you have questions or concerns about Zoom and HIPAA compliance, please submit your request to

For users who are switching to from the normal WSU Zoom Tenant to the WSU HIPAA Compliant Tenant:

  1. Once the request has processed and has been applied to your WSU Zoom Account, you will need to log out and log back into

  2. Upon successful authentication, you will be presented with the following options:

    Select 'Switch to the New Account'

  3. Now, you will be presented with the following dialog:

    Select 'I Acknowledge and Switch'

  4. An activation email will now be sent to your WSU email address - NOTE: It could take up to 5 minutes for this email to arrive in your inbox, please be patient.

    Click the 'Switch to the new account' button, which will open a link in your preferred browser.

  5. If the activation was successful, you will now be presented with the following web page:

    Click on the 'Sign in Now' button

  6. Sign in with your WSU Credentials

  7. Upon successful authentication, any meeting you schedule and host will be HIPAA compliant. There are now restrictions applied to your account for HIPAA compliance, please refer to the information at the beginning of this article for more information. NOTE: You are still able to join any meeting as a normal participant.

  8. If you experience any difficulties throughout this process, please contact

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