When copy/pasting information from Word or other text editors into Blackboard, formatting issues may occur. 


To avoid issues,  you can use the Remove Formatting button after pasting and then re-format using options in the editor. The Remove Formatting button looks like an eraser and is located in the top row of the editing tools above a textbox in Blackboard. To remove the formatting after pasting your text, select all the text and then select the Remove Formatting button.

Please note, This will remove ALL formatting including bullet points, numbered lists, indentations, line spacing, centered text, font colors, and font sizing. You can then use the options in the editor tools to re-format to how you want it. 

Remove Formatting button

Another option is to use an offline simple text editor like NotePad or TextEdit which will automatically clear the formatting for you, and then you can copy from there into Blackboard and format as needed. 

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