I have Participants that can't join my WSU Zoom Meetings because they do not have a Zoom Account.


Note: Do not use this feature for anyone with a WSU email.
If someone with a WSU email is having an issue joining your meeting please refer them to this guide: Zoom - Joining Meetings and Best Practices


This Zoom feature is still being fully developed and these limitations are subject to change.

  • Currently, this feature is only available via the Zoom Web portal, not the client or Outlook Add-In.
  • Zoom Webinars do not currently have this feature available. Only Zoom Meetings have the option to add exceptions.
  • This exception does not bypass the requirement for having a recent version of the Zoom Application installed to join Zoom Meetings. They just don't have to be signed into the Zoom Application to be able to join.
  • Personal Meeting IDs cannot allow this exception.

Step by Step Process:

  1. Navigate to to Schedule a meeting or Edit an existing meeting.

  2. In the Security section of the Meeting Options click on the Add button next to Authentication Exception.

  3. Enter the desired Display Name for the Participant in the Full Name field. When they join the meeting they will have this name as the Display name everyone else sees.
    Put in the Email address the participant will know to check for the sent Invite.
    If more than one Participant needs the exception click the Add Participant button. 

  4. Click Save and finish selecting your other desired meeting settings.
    When you click Save to finalize your Meeting it will automatically send an email invitation to any participants you added as exceptions for required Authentication.
    The email will contain a personalized Join button that they will click to join your Meeting, bypassing the requirement for being signed into a Zoom account.

  5. If changes are made to the Meeting you can go back to the Add button next to Authentication Exception and click the Resend Email button next to each participant to provide updated invites to them.

  6. If someone added to the exception list tries to join from multiple devices it will only let in the first device joined using their custom Join Meeting URL. So they can not share the exception with others.