Professor wants a non-WSU associate to have access to a canvas course space, how are they added?


The individual will need a WSU ID to be added to the course in myWSU.  They can be setup as a TA or a Tutor depending on the access needed. 

Step 1: Lookup ID# and if not found create person record in myWSU and assign WSUID

Department Schedulers will need to add the requested individual via the LMS Component.  However to add them, they will need to have a WSUID# and as a myWSU affiliation. 

Steps include:

Create a person record in myWSU campus community.  Required data includes

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Personal or work email associated as a "Personal Email" with it. 

Preferred data:

  • SSN
  • mailing address.  

Please refer to the article Create a New Person Record in MyWSU for more information.

Step 2: Assign Affiliation Code

After creating a person record, add a myWSU Affiliation code to their WSUID number. 

Note use an affiliation code that creates a NID & O365 Account, you can review the myWSU Affiliation List here.

Please refer to this article for help with adding an affiliation code to a person record.  

Once the affiliation code is applied, the system will create network ID's and send them an OKTA Invite within 3 hours, so they'll be able to authenticate.  

Step 3: Coordinate with Department / Campus Scheduler to add as Tutor on the LMS Component page

Coordinate with department scheduler to add person to LMS Component as a tutor or Maintain Schedule of Classes as a TA.  Note: if they're going to be added as a TA, Scheduler will need to add them to the Instructor/Advisor Table as well. 

Within 2 hours of adding them to the course, the data will flow to Canvas and they'll have access.