I didn't receive my student's 1098-T to report the amounts paid for tuition in 2017.  How can I quickly get a copy of this for my accountant??


1098-T's were printed on 1/22/18 and mailed shortly after that. They would be mailed to a student's campus address if they lived in a dorm.  If the student doesn't live in the dorm, the 1098-T would be mailed to the mailing address or lastly the home address.

If the student selected to receive an electronic 1098-T, the student would not have received a printed copy.  Your student should be able to sign into myWSU and reprint a copy, which they could then email to you. 

If the student signed up for an electronic 1098-T and has granted the FID access to Financial Information, the FID should:

  1. Sign into
  2. Click on the Click Here to Enter Third Party Access Button
  3. Click on "Access Student Shared Information Hyperlink
  4. Select student if FID has access to multiple students
  5. In Accounts Category, Click on "View 1098-T" hyperlink. 
  6. Select the Tax Year of the 1098-T (NOTE: Make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off)
  7. View 1098-T and Print if necessary using browser print functionality (Ctrl-P)

If you have any 1098-T specific questions, you can reach out to the Bursar's Office Staff at

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