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What is Okta?

Okta is the new WSU security tool for managing network and friend ID account security, and is ready to grow in accord with WSU needs and ensures a more robust data and personal information protection. Okta is a critical piece of the Workday deployment and the ITS team is excited to introduce Okta now to provide stronger data protection resources today.

How is it being rolled out to the WSU Community?

a new Okta account invitation is going to be arriving via email. There are no links to click through within the email. The invitee will open a web browser, type in the indicated URL, and follow the steps to complete their account setup. Once they complete these steps, users will manage their network or friend ID account security through Okta. You can get help from or 509-335-4357

IMPORTANT:  Completing this process will change your current WSU network ID password, and you will need to use your new password from that point forward to access WSU network resources such as myWSU, Outlook, Skype, WSU WiFi and others.

Whats going to change for me?

The URL you use to change or recover your password ( is likely to change with the new service. The new site will be provided when ready.

  • The screen that you use to change or recover your password will look different. 
  • Applications with personal, identifiable and/or sensitive information may require multi-factor authentication using Okta. As a user, you will be prompted to register a method for multi-factor authentication. Users can pick from a number of options such as an automated verification phone call or text message. More information on multi-factor authentication methods and registration will be provided prior to full Okta implementation in May.

With the implementation of Okta, WSU students, faculty, and staff will enjoy the benefits of more robust security tools and resources such as:

    • A new password reset service: Okta delivers new password reset experience through an easy to use self-service interface.
    • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Okta strengthens WSU data protection for network resources and web pages that access sensitive information by requiring multiple methods of identity verification prior to receiving access. (As seen on many banking and financial sites today.)

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  1. The first step of the activation has changed. The email no longer has a live URL link to the activation page. Go to Login with your network ID and continue to step 2 in the activation instructions. - Joe Jacobs