In order to submit a purchase request with University Marketing and Communications, please go to the UMC service desk portal, which can be found at this address:

From here, click on FAST Support Request. You should see the Purchase Request icon in the bottom right corner.

Click on this button and the purchase request form will appear. Please fill out a summary of your request, a description that includes the URL of the item to be purchased, if necessary, and your supervisor who will be approving your purchase request. You can attach a quote or any other necessary information in the attachments section. Please note that high-dollar purchases will also require manager approval, which can also be attached to the form. You can also change the requestor, if you are submitting this request on behalf of someone else.

Once you complete the form it will automatically be assigned to the person you designated as the Approver. They will get an email notification so that they know to go to the ticket and approve the request. When they click on "View Request" in the email they will be directed to the ticket in the portal, where they can click on "approve". The Approver can also add the budget code as a comment so that we know which budget to charge for this purchase.

Once the Approver clicks this button the ticket will be routed the FAST team for processing. Here is the workflow that the request will go through:

Whenever the purchase request transitions to a new step, the person who placed the request and the Approver will be notified. When it is delivered, the FAST team will type a comment detailing where it can be picked up. You can also go back to the ticket from your email notifications to check on the status of the request at any time.