Panopto: Recording Instructions for Windows

A tutorial on how to do a Panopto Recording using the Windows OS.
Panopto: Recording Instructions for Windows

  1. Use an internet browser and navigate to and select "Sign in."
  2. Select "WSU Authentication."
  3. Enter your WSU Network ID and Password. Select "Continue."
  4. Select the "Create" button and then select the "Record a new session" option.
  5. Select "Open Panopto Recorder." (Note: If you have not installed, select Download Installer Windows 7 and up. Launch Application.)
    1. If "Open Panopto" is unresponsive and does not launch, you'll need to download and install it. If it's still unresponsive, you may need to try another browser.
    2. Firefox workaround:
      1. At the upper right of Firefox, select the three horizontal lines drop-down menu.
      2. Select Options.
      3. Type Panopto at the upper right search and also under Applications type Panopto.
      4. For the Panopto content type, use the drop-down for the Action to select "Use Panopto Recorder (default)."
      5. Try the "Open Panopto" button again.
  6. Select the dropdown folder icon. Select the folder for the session to be uploaded. (Note: Folders are different for each course space.)
  7. Rename Session Name to something unique (example: Joe Smith Panopto Test).
  8. Select Primary Video and Audio Sources. Select Ultra Quality and change Max Resolution based on your needs. Select"Apply".
  9. Select Secondary Sources input sources. (Note: If not using Secondary Source, uncheck.)
  10. To add PowerPoint, select PowerPoint tab and choose Open A Presentation.
  11. Locate PowerPoint Presentation file and select "Open".
  12. Select Record to start and stop recording. (Note: Recordings are automatically uploaded after stopped by default.)
  13. Manage Recording tab. Manage recording session located on the computer.

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