Use this guide if you are trying to get your Zoom account to sync with calendar events in Outlook/Office365. 

Note: If you are using the Zoom Desktop Application (Mac or PC), this will show all of your meetings in the 'Meetings' tab of the application. This includes any non-Zoom meetings.

Note: This guide does not apply to mobile phone contacts.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to and sign in using your WSU credentials

  2. Under your Zoom Profile page, scroll down until you find the following section:

    Click 'Connect to Calendar and Contact Service' - NOTE: If you have already synced your contacts and calendar previously, you will need to select the 'Delete' option, then select Connect.

  3. Click on 'Office 365', check the boxes shown in the image below, and then click 'Next":

  4. You should now see the following information shown in the image below:

    Click 'Authorize' and you will be brought to the WSU login portal (unless you have already logged in to the WSU portal in the same browser session).  If prompted with option for Exchange or EWS, Choose the 'Office 365' option, and select 'Authorize with OAuth 2.0.

    NOTE: Do no check the 'I'm the admin and I'm consenting on behalf of the company' option, this will result in an error or your calendar/contacts not syncing. 

  5. Upon successful authorization, you will be brought back to your Profile page. If you open your Zoom Desktop Application, you should now notice that all meetings and contacts are syncing with your WSU email calendar and contacts

Note: You may need to sign out, and sign back into the desktop application for the changes to finish processing.

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