Workday Time and Absence Guide: Request Overtime to Compensatory Time (Employee)


This Reference Guide provides information on entering overtime and requesting it to be converted into compensatory time (comp time) in the Workday system.
Note, Overtime-eligible classified staff employees can accrue Compensatory Time Off instead of receiving overtime pay with prior supervisor approval. To trigger the accrual of Compensatory Time Off, the Employee or Time and Absence Initiate must select the Convert Overtime to Compensatory Time Off Worktag in the time block(s) where Workday has calculated Straight Time or Overtime for the employee as described below. If the worktag is entered on a time block where Straight Time or Overtime is not calculated, then no adjustments to the Time Calculation Tags will be reflected and Compensatory Time Off will not accrue.



Steps to Enter Time for Non-Exempt Employees

Execute the following steps to enter time in the Workday system:

  1. Log in to the Workday system.
  2. Select the Time application.

  1. Select an option under the Enter Time section. For example, if you would like to enter time for the current week, select This Week. Alternatively, you can access the task by entering Enter My Time in the Search field and selecting Enter My Time – Report.

  1. On the Enter Time page, select the Enter Time button and select the desired entry option. For example, select the Auto-fill from Schedule option to pre-populate the calendar and make edits from there, including adding time worked beyond your regular scheduled hours.


  1. Overtime accrues on the time blocks which result in the total hours submitted for the week being greater than 40. To convert these overtime hours to comp time, select the time block(s) which contain the hours over 40 (usually the final time block(s) of the week). Then, in the Details section under Additional Time Types for Employee Selection, change the time type to "Convert Overtime to Compensatory Time Off." Then click OK.

Note, if the number of hours of overtime worked is greater than the total amount of the final time block, the previous time block will also need to be updated as described above. For example, if you worked 48 hours in the week, but only 8 hours on Friday (with two four hour time blocks) each of those time blocks would need to be updated with the additional time type in order for the overtime to be converted into compensatory time.

  1. Back on the Enter My Time page, review your hours for the week and make any edits as necessary by selecting the block of time and updating the hours.

Note: You should only enter time worked. You will not submit a time block for lunch.

  1. Select the Submit button.

  1. On the Submit Time page, review the information and select the Submit button to certify that your hours are accurate.

Review: You have completed the steps to request overtime to be paid as comp time.