The Dashboard is laid out with three different tabs, Created Notices, Received Notices and Batch Notices. The Created Notices page will be the first tab open automatically. Each tab holds a table of information. At the bottom, the tab shows how many pages are in the table. There are a maximum of 10 notices per page. Click the “Next” and “Previous” buttons to navigate through the pages.

Created Notices

The Created Notices table shows unexpired notices created within the last 30 days relative to your associated AD groups. As notices expire or go beyond the 30-day creation window then they no longer display.

One way to think of the created notices page is as a “sent” folder associated with your AD groups.

You can click any of the table headers, for example, “ID” and the notices displayed will perform a character sort on the notices.  Note: This does not affect subsequent pages.

Each notice is clickable in the table. If clicked, the notice will be opened in an edit mode, where you can edit all features of the notice. See Updating a Notice for more information.

Received Notices

The Received Notices tab is analogous to an “Unread inbox” in an email client.  This is where unopened notices can be read.  Once a notice is opened, it will no longer be visible in this table.

Note: You can always view your notices, opened and unopened, from the Manage Notices page however, as long as the notice is unexpired and not deleted.

As with the Created Notices page, you can sort on the characteristics of the notice by clicking the table headers.  If the notice is clicked, it will open in a new tab in the browser.

After reviewing the notice, you can close the tab or click the trash can to delete the notice in the upper right corner.

Batch Notices

The Batch Notices tab shows batches that are relative to your AD groups.

This table also has sort functionality by the table headers. If you click on a batch, it will open a new tab in your browser on the Search Notices page with the fields of the batch filled in. It also will automatically search for the notices in the batch and display them in the right-hand column. See Search Notices for how to navigate this page.


Along with the tables, there is a circle diagram on the Dashboard page. This diagram is based off the Created Notices table information.