Open Chrome or Firefox (does not work well with Explorer or Edge)


Login with your AD NID and password.

System Help is available on the main menu

Click a search in the Searches window and a window like this will appear: 

Undergraduate Imaging Search:


Graduate Imaging Search:

Enter the search criteria, such as WSUID, LastName > Begins With > "smi%" or First Name > Begins With > "j%"  and click Search. (Note: WSUID's do not require a leading zero).

Search results will appear as follows:
To view the document, click on the "mime" type or click on Open.

The basic viewer will show in a new browser tab.

The launch button opens it in a native viewer, similar to how a .PDF would open in Adobe Acrobat. 
The Update button allows you to change metadata fields.


Scroll through and update what you need to and select the Update button in the top right.