How to update Org Addresses so they will print on a billing statement. 

How to update an existing Organization to specify Contact and Location:

Navigate to Organization Table:

Search for the Organization by WSUID or Name and click Search:

Review data and determine updates:

In this organization, the Primary Location and Primary Contact were not completed.  Click the plus to add a new effective dated row. 

Verify today’s effective date (or back date if necessary):


Then click the lookup icons to specify the Primary Location and Primary Contact. 

Specify Primary Location 1 for Mailing Address

Specify Primary Contact 1

Click Contact Type Preferred button

Select Preferred Contact and then click OK

That will return you to the main maintenance screen.  Verify there’s a gray check for Primary Location and a gray check for Primary Contact specified. 

Click Save. 

You have updated the Org Address and it should now print. 

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