Preparing the Canvas Grade book for Final Grade Submission involves 4 easy steps:

NOTE: Grade Roster must be created in myWSU

  1. Make sure there is a numeric score for every single grade, even if that numeric score is a 0
    • Excuse an assignment for a student
  2. Unmute all muted assignments
  3. Remove any assignments that you're not using this semester
    • Exclude an assignment from the course's final grades
  4. Activate Final Letter Grade in Total Column

Converting all ungraded assignments to a zero (0) 

When submitting your grades from Canvas, ungraded items shown as dashes, will automatically be counted as zeros. This could change the totals from what you see in your Canvas Grade book considerably. 

It's recommended that you enter zeros for students who do not turn in their work throughout the semester rather than just leaving them blank. That way, the running total for their final grade is accurate throughout the semester and they don't develop any unrealistic expectations about their final grade.

To view this option, navigate to "Grades" in the course navigation.

Treat Ungraded as 0Is a view feature onlyIt does not actually convert ungraded assignments (dashes) to zeros.

To actually change ungraded assignments (dashes) to 0s, you will need to do the following.

Enter in zero and click Set Default Grade

Excuse an Assignment for a Student

You can use the Grade book to excuse a student from a graded assignment, discussion, or quiz. You can also excuse a student from a group assignment. Excused assignments are not calculated as part of a student's total grade.

In the Grade book cell, type ex/EX followed by the Enter key.

Post all Hidden Grades

Please make sure you post ALL hidden grades.

Open Gradebook

In Course Navigation, click the Grades link.

Open Assignment Menu

Any assignment with hidden grades is indicated by the Visibility icon [1].

Hover over the assignment column header and click the Options icon [2].

Open Post Grades Tray

Click the Post grades link.

Follow this same process for each column containing hidden grades within the gradebook.

Removing Assignments You Are Not Using

You can either unpublish, delete or exclude any assignment you are not going to use and/or do not want to contribute toward final grade calculation.

To unpublish, open the Assignments page in your course and click on the green circle with a check mark. The circle will turn gray with a slash.  Now it is unpublished and removed from grade book calculations. Note: you will not be able to unpublish assignments with student submissions.

To delete the assignment, click on the "more options" icon next to the green circle and select "Delete." Note: this will delete any student submissions and feedback you have added.

To exclude an assignment from the course's final grades, click "more options" next to the green circle and select "Edit". On the resulting menu select "More Options" to view the checkbox displayed below. Note: this feature allows you to provide feedback without the assignment counting toward Grade book calculations. Like other check boxes, it can be toggled on and off.

Activate Final Letter Grade in Total Column, and Set Grading Scheme

The myWSU Grade Roster only accepts FINAL letter grades. To activate letter grades, go to your course Settings page (1) and then (2) the course details tab.

Select the checkbox next to Grading Scheme "Enable course grading scheme" (1). Next select "set grading scheme" to configure the appropriate grading scheme for the course. Please note myWSU does not accept A+ or D- grades. Finally, select the "Update Course Details" (2) button at the bottom of the page.

If you check your grade book, you will see the final letter grades next to the percentages in the Total column.

To confirm the grades, export the grades CSV file under "Actions" - "Export" in the Gradebook.  

In the resulting CSV file the column labeled "Final Score" will be loaded into myWSU. This column is not displayed in the Canvas interface.