To install a printer in Windows, follow the steps below. To install a printer in the Mac OS, email and we will connect you.

  1. Be sure that your computer is connect to either the wired network or the WSU Wireless wifi network.
  2. Visit the printers website at
  3. Click on the building where the printer is located (FSC in the example below)
    screenshot of the map of buildings on the printers website
  4. In the next screen, find the printer you want to install and click the install icon. Note: The printer's name is based on its location. In the example pictured below, the printer is located in room 120. The B1 or C1 in the name indicates if the printer is black and white or color.
    screenshot of list of printers in the Firstenburg building
  5. A file will download to your download folder. Double-click the file and the window pictured below will open. Click on More Info, and then choose Run Anyway on the next screen. This runs a script that installs the printer.
    Screenshot of warning screen that appears when you try to run the script
  6. If the printer requires a PIN (AKA a copy code), that is indicated in the PIN column as shown in the picture below. Clicking on PIN Info leads you to instructions for adding the PIN for that printer.
    Screenshot of the link to instructions for adding a PIN
  7. If you run into any issues, contact the IT Help Desk - 360-546-9770,, or join our Zoom Help Desk, which is linked from the IT homepage.