Changing your voicemail greeting

  • Press the envelope button
  • Enter your voicemail pin, followed by the # sign
  • Choose option 4
  • Next, choose option 1
  • Follow the spoken instructions

Checking your missed calls

  1. Press the Directories button
  2. Press the number 1 for a list of missed calls
  3. Scroll through the calls using the scroll button
  4. If you then want to clear your list of missed calls, press the button below the "more" tab
  5. You may then to delete one at a time or clear the entire list

Checking voicemail from off-campus

  1. Dial 360-546-9444
  2. When prompted, enter your 5 digit extension

Transferring calls

To transfer straight to voicemail:

  1. Place the call on hold
  2. Press Transfer
  3. Press the * button, then enter the other person's 5 digit extension
  4. Press the transfer button

To transfer directly to a person:

  1. Press the Transfer button rather than the Hold button
  2. Enter the extension or phone number of the person you're transferring to
  3. When the person you're transferring to picks up, you can tell them the nature of the call you are transferring
    1. Note: If instead their voicemail picks up and you do not want to transfer them to voicemail, press the button next to their name or number to pick the call back up
  4. When you are ready to transfer, press the Transfer button a second time
    1. Note: if you want to transfer the call without talking to the person you're transferring to, you can press the transfer button the second time without waiting for them to pick up

Dialing an off-campus number

When dialing off-campus, press 7 followed by the 10 digit phone number

Dialing and on-campus number or someone from another WSU campus

Only dial the last 5 digits when calling from a WSU campus phone to another WSU campus phone

Placing a conference call

  1. Call the first participant
  2. Once they answer, press the Confrn or Conference button on your phone (Confrn may be in the "more" menu)
  3. Enter the next participant's number
  4. Once they answer, repeat as necessary until all participants have joined

Finding a number through the phone interface

  1. Press the directories button
  2. Scroll down and choose Vancouver Directory
  3. Choose select
  4. Begin typing the first part of a first or last name
  5. Select the desired name and press Dial

When the voicemail light won't turn off

Occasionally, you may not have any voicemail but the voicemail light remains on. Once you have verified you have no voicemail, you may dial 99990 to turn the light off.