Access to student information is controlled by the student. In order for a non-WSU person to access a student's information, the student needs to give that person access to their account by creating a Friend ID or FID. A Friend ID or FID is based on the third party's personal email address. The third party will receive an email that they need to use to activate and set a permanent password. Once this is done, the third party can login and view the personal information that was shared with them, as well as make payments on the student's account. To provide this permission, the student needs to follow the directions below to create a friend account and/or give an existing friend ID the requested permissions.

The Student sharing their information must use their WSU Network ID and password to log on to their MyWSU student portal and complete the steps described below: 

Go to and sign in with your Network ID and password.

On the Student Homepage, click the Profile tile.

On the left, click Third Party Access

Under the section for WSU Students click Share My Information

On the next page you put in Your Parent or Other Third Party's Email Address (make sure you spell it correctly, all lowercase letters, with no extra spaces, even at the beginning or end of the address) and select No, create a new Third Party Access Account , then click Continue


Put in an Authorization Code  - this is a word your Third Party Access Person can use as a password to talk on the PHONE with different departments.

And under each section you wish to grant you access to, select Grant All

When you are finished, click the SUBMIT at the bottom.  IF you selected the Notification choice it will send your Third Party Person One email telling them that they should have access. 

They should also receive another email to Activate their Email Address as their WSU Friend Account.