I want to prevent other participants in my Zoom meeting from being able to share their screen.


There are two methods to restrict who can screen share.

The first is set via a user’s Zoom profile which applies to ALL meetings hosted by that user while the setting is toggled on. 

  1. Visit To Sign In

  2. Once Authenticated, go to your Settings Tab

  3. Under Screen Sharing, change “Who Can Share?” to Host Only

  4. Select Save to finalize the change

The second method is for the Host of the meeting to use the in-meeting controls to set who can screen share. This method can be used to allow others to share their screens if the above method is set on the Zoom user profile.

NOTE You will need to make sure you have the most up to date Zoom Client for all Host controls to be available. Instructions on how to update your client:

  1. If you have an older version of the client - 4.6.9 or older - use the following instructions

    1. Once in a meeting, the Host can click on the Up button to the right of the green Share Screen button to get the screen share options window.

    2. Select Advanced Sharing Options.

    3. Select Only Host and exit the options window.

  2. If you have the latest version of the client - 4.6.10 - these controls have moved to the 'Security' button

    1. Click on the 'Security' button and uncheck 'Screen Share'

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