WSU policy is to enforce Zoom client version updates every quarter starting with the first Monday of February, then the first Monday of May, the First Monday of August, and finally the first Monday of November.
This article is updated with the upcoming required versions a week before the enforcement is implemented. 

Versions of the Zoom Application enforced as of 05/06/2024:


Release notes:


I need to check what version of Zoom I am using, or I need to update the Zoom application on my computer.

Note: If after following the steps below, you receive a message saying "Updates are disabled, please contact your administrator" or anything similar, please contact your Desktop Support (Departmental/Local IT). They will need to push out the updated version of Zoom to your computer.


Please refer to the following Zoom support article for details about updating your application:

Turn on auto-updates in Settings

You can also turn on automatic updates in Settings in the Zoom software application.  This setting is not available through the web browser interface.  You must open the application on your machine and click the small gear image on the top right.

  • In Settings, under General, select the checkbox next to “Automatically keep my Zoom up to date.”

For more details on Auto updating please see this article:

For listed versions of the slow, fast, and prompted auto-update please refer to the following article: