WSU's Zoom now has some AI-related features (AI Companion), and I would like more information for myself or to be able to communicate with individuals in my area requesting information.


Below are AI Companion Features within WSU Zoom. Features that are disabled and locked are restricted until WSU signs the new BAA with Zoom. This process is underway and is currently being reviewed by ITS Security and the Attorney General's office.  Once the contract has been signed, WSU ITS will establish appropriate use and guidance for the features and unlock them for WSU Zoom users to leverage. Recording-related AI features that are available should be used with caution, avoiding use when any regulated or confidential data is in play (HIPAA, FERPA, etc).

Inquiries about AI features, settings, or status updates can be sent to the Zoom Service Desk ( ).

Meeting (disabled and locked)

  • Meeting Summary
  • AI Companion Questions

Recording (disabled by default, but can be manually enabled by users in their settings)

Team Chat (disabled and locked)

  • Thread Summary
  • Chat Compose
  • Quick Schedule

Whiteboard (disabled and locked)

  • Content Generation

Mail & Calendar (disabled and locked)

  • Email Compose

Zoom Events (disabled and locked)

  • Chat Compose
  • Email Compose
  • Smart Content Compose