If you are unable to download and install the Zoom Desktop Client on your computer, then use these instructions to join a WSU Zoom meeting from the Zoom Web Client.
This is primarily directed toward non-WSU participants, but can be used for a WSU Affiliate or anyone who has a WSU email or Friend/Network ID.

Note: If you do not have a Zoom account already (free or paid through your organization), please create one here:

Note: You cannot use your web browser on your smartphone to join a Zoom meeting, you must download the Zoom Mobile application from the Google/Apple App Store.

Feature Limitations: The Zoom Web Client has a limited feature set, a comparison chart between the Web Client and the Desktop client can be found here:


  1. Open the Zoom Join URL hyperlink in your preferred browser.

  2. Once prompted, click the 'Cancel' option at the top of your browser and instead click on the 'join from your browser' hyperlink option at the bottom of the page.

  3. You will then be prompted to Sign In, please sign in to your Zoom account using one of the following options:

    SSO with your Organization's username and password

    Participants with WSU Emails: If you enter a WSU email address, you will be brought to the WSU Sign-in page. 
    Alternatively, you can select sign in with SSO and enter WSU in the company domain field to reach the same sign-in page.

  4. Enter your preferred Display Name, and then click Join.

For details on in-meeting functionality - microphone or camera setup, muting and unmuting, sharing your screen, etc - please refer to the following support article on the Zoom support website