A page in Canvas is not loading correctly.


There can be several potential issues causing this problem. Please try the below steps and if you still see the issue, please let your instructor know and report it to Academic Outreach and Innovation (AOI) at 509-335-4320 or

  1. Clear your browser cache and cookies - Sometimes the collection of web page data stored on your computer can cause issues. Clearing your cache forces the browser to use the newest data available from Canvas.
    Please follow the steps in Web Browsers - Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies to clear your browser cache.

  2. Current browser version - Please see Canvas recommendations for browser versions. While all browsers are supported, we have see that Chrome works the best. Please ensure your browser is up-to-date.  If not, update it, restart the browser, and try view the page once again.
  3. Turn off plugins - Some browser plugins or extensions (Grammarly, Adblock, etc.) may conflict with Canvas and affect functionality. Please attempt to disable any active browser plugins, restart the browser, and attempt to view the page once more.
  4. Try a different browser - To ensure the issue is not related to the browser you are using, please attempt to view the page using a different browser. This can assist in troubleshooting by identifying if the issue is browser specific.
  5. Use an incognito/private window - You may find that using the incognito or private mode for your browser can help to “turn off” any browser plugins or extensions and/ or may avoid issues related to browser cache and cookies. Attempt to view the page in incognito or private browser mode and see if this makes a difference (please note that this assumes plugins are not enabled in incognito mode, which may not always be the case.)