I need to get Zoom installed and know how to join a meeting as well as the best practices for participating in a Zoom meeting.


System Requirements for Desktops, Laptops and Mobile devices can be found here: 

Requirements for Desktops and Laptops 
Requirements for Mobile Devices

Installation & Sign In:

  1. If you have a WSU email ensure your WSU Zoom account is enabled by logging into with your WSU credentials.
    If you have already logged into your WSU Zoom user profile before then you can skip this step.

    Non-WSU/Guest or ZoomForGov participants
    can create a Free Zoom account to join a WSU meeting by signing up here:
    Create Free Zoom Account
    If you are having trouble joining the meeting, or being prompted to sign in when joining, refer to the internal meeting help article.

  2. Download the Zoom application for your electronic device here:
    Zoom Installers
    Apple iOS
    If you cannot install the Zoom application on your computer (this is generally due to not having Administrative access to install applications), please refer to the following instructions to join the meeting.

  3. Install the Zoom application. Then launch the Zoom application (start/open the Zoom software), and Sign in.

  4. Non-WSU users need to sign in with the Email and Password of their Zoom account. Then skip to step 7.

    WSU users should click on Sign In with SSO from the login screen.

  5. Type WSU so the full Domain shows and select continue.

  6. You will be redirected to WSU sign-in page. Log in with your WSU credentials.

  7. Always test your mic, speakers and camera at least once!
    Please refer to the following instructions on how to conduct tests with your device: 
    How to Test Audio & How to Test Video


  • Instructions for Scheduling Zoom meetings, Joining a Zoom meeting, Managing Breakout Rooms for group discussions, Conducting Zoom meetings (screen sharing, muting, etc), can be found at this WSU Self-Help website: WSU Zoom Knowledge Base

  • Instructions for joining a Zoom meeting via phone without using the mobile app can be found here
    (Note that this can result in long-distance charges. We encourage using the mobile app if you aren't using a computer): 
    Joining a Zoom Meeting Via Voice Call (Phone)

Zoom Meeting Best Practices


  • Locate yourself in a quiet and comfortable space.
  • Have your video and audio device connected to your device and tested before you begin. If you are connecting to an audio-only meeting, you only need a microphone.
  • Please ensure that all other chat and video applications are not running. If on a mobile device, close any other apps.
  • When connecting your machine to the internet, wired is preferred over wireless. If using wireless, a reliable internet connection is recommended. For mobile calls, it is recommended to be on wireless, so you don’t use your mobile bandwidth.

Join meeting procedure:

  • Launch the Zoom application.
  • If you have a meeting invite in an email or calendar event, then click the join hyperlink. You may be prompted to open Zoom from your browser.

For Audio Only Meetings:

  • Select the Join With Computer Audio
  • If you use the assigned Meeting ID, checkmark the “Turn off my Video” option.

In-Meeting etiquette:

  • Once you are observed, mute your microphone unless you are speaking. Please remember to mute in the application and not at the headset. Some headsets have a mute on the cord, but these do not fully mute audio on some headsets, so please do not use it.
  • Be aware that you are always on camera; anything you would not do in public would apply here.
  • Unless you are presenting, please do not open additional applications such as email, Word, or PowerPoint. Surfing the internet while participating in a call will degrade your experience, as well as the experience of others.

To end your meeting:

  • Click the Leave Meeting button.
  • If you are the Host, it will show an End Meeting button instead, giving you the recommended option to End the Meeting for All.

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